How to Safeguard Your Crypto Wallet and Recover Lost Crypto

How to Safeguard Your Crypto Wallet and Recover Lost Crypto


Are you wondering how to keep your crypto investments safe? Click here to learn how to safeguard your crypto wallet and recover lost crypto.

Did you know that scammers robbed crypto investors of $14 billion in 2021 alone?

Trading crypto can bring an impressive ROI, but you always need to stay wary of scammers. Every crypto investor will run into them, and sometimes they can be quite sneaky. Before you start selling crypto, you need to make sure your crypto wallet is secure.

If a hacker or scammer gets your coin, then it’s very difficult to get it back. It pays to be prepared no matter which cryptocurrency you own. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss how you can safeguard your crypto wallet–and recover crypto if you lose it.

Have a “Cold” Crypto Wallet

Chances are, you have an online crypto wallet like everyone else. This is convenient, but if someone hacks your preferred service provider, you could lose it all. That would give them access to your password, private key, and seed phrase.

Have at least one copy of your wallet stored offline in an encrypted hard drive. Maintain an air gap, and do not connect this hard drive to your computer. Keep it in a safe, dry place where someone won’t steal it.

In the unlikely event that someone compromises your accounts, you’ll have a backup. It’s ideal to have several forms of cold storage if possible. 

Change Passwords, Use MFA, and Use a Reputable Exchange

Use all the same precautions with your crypto wallet as you might with any sensitive online account. Create strong passwords and change them often. Secure your account with MFA to make it harder for someone to gain access.

Get used to using a password manager. This will allow you to use complicated passwords that a hacker cannot brute force–and which you don’t have to memorize. 

Most importantly, use an exchange that has a strong reputation. Some smaller, lesser-known exchanges may not be trustworthy. Avoid exchanges that have a history of security breaches or scams. 

Recover Your Lost Crypto With Recover Crypto

It happens, but sometimes someone will steal your crypto. Whether it’s a phishing email or a convincing anonymous investor, even the best of us can be hoodwinked. As soon as you realize you’ve lost your crypto, contact a reputable business like Recover Crypto.

File a claim using the form on their website. Add as much detail as you can, and include whatever evidence you can provide. Give them some time to get back to you.

This is an easy and affordable way to regain access to crypto that you have lost. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve lost or how you lost it. Recover Crypto will help.

Recover Your Crypto Today

Your crypto wallet is a valuable asset, and as such you should do everything to protect it. Hackers and scammers alike will do everything in their power to steal this from you. Take the necessary precautions to safeguard your wallet, but know there are resources to reclaim lost or stolen crypto.

Recover Crypto is the first–and largest–solution for you to reclaim your lost crypto. Contact them today and submit a claim.

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