Atomic wallet hack: Recover your lost funds

Atomic Wallet revealed it is investigating the compromise of some of its wallets and it has requested help from exchanges and analytics firms

If you have been a victim of this, go to and fill the claim form. We can help you get it back.

Atomic Wallet has revealed some of its wallets have been compromised in what appears to be a rampaging effort by cybercriminals to exploit innocent users in the crypto world. Taking to its official Twitter account, Atomic Wallet informed its community of the exploitation, noting that it was doing the right investigation so as to analyze the situation appropriately.

While the first update it shared was on Saturday, Atomic Wallet revealed about 2 hours before the publication of this story that its investigation is still ongoing. The wallet service provider noted that it is working with the top security agencies to detect possible attack vectors. Thus far, the team working on this investigation has not confirmed anything.

The lack of additional details have unsettled the Atomic Wallet community as users are confused as to how to proceed from this point out. One community member, @bottomshorter1 asked for clarity on what users should make of the current situation.

“Please advise whether to update the current desktop client or not. Share intel of confirmed wallet versions to help customers assess how to continue. Is it safe to withdraw using the latest build or not?! Should users currently just stay put or not?!” the user said in a Tweet.

Atomic Wallet Hack: One in Many

The incidence of hacks is now becoming more rampant than can be envisaged in the industry. One of the most vocal voices in the industry, Attorney John Deaton, recognized as XRP holders lawyer also saw his Twitter account compromised in what many described as an unusual birthday gift.

The hacked Twitter profile was used to promote a digital token dubbed $LAW. The digital currency had no market cap at the time the account was used to promote the coin, an exploit that is regarded as one in many being recorded in the industry.

If you have been a victim of this, go to and fill the claim form. We can help you get it back.

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